How to update accel-ppp

I will give an example of updating the accel-ppp, the commands need to be executed as root user.

First, see the current version of accel-ppp:

accel-cmd -V

Make a copy of the dictionary, if you previously made your own changes to it:

cp /usr/local/share/accel-ppp/radius/dictionary /usr/local/share/accel-ppp/radius/dictionary_copy

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Fn function keys on a laptop work the other way around

Usually, to extend the functionality, there is a special Fn key on laptop keyboards.
If you hold it and press keys, for example, from F1 to F12, then they will perform completely different functions, change the screen brightness, volume level, put the system into sleep mode, turn off/on the Wi-Fi adapter, etc.

But in my case, everything was the opposite, when I needed the F1-F12 keys, instead of them, functional ones worked, which usually work with the Fn clamped, and to press F4 for example, I had to clamp the Fn key as well.

As it turned out, the BIOS had an option Action Keys Mode (in Lenovo laptops – HotKey Mode), the default value of which was Enable, which resulted in the function keys working without pressing Fn.
To make the F1-F12 keys work as usual, set the value to Disable.

By the way, if your function keys do not work at all, then rather the driver is not installed in the system.

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Why do Mac function keys work without fn and instead of F1-F12

Why do Mac function keys work without fn and instead of F1-F12

I noticed that on many laptops, including the MacBook, function keys (brightness level of the display, volume, etc.) can be used as standard without the fn (function) key. And the keys themselves from F1 to F12 have to be used with the fn key (it is located in the lower left corner of the keyboard).

So that the keys from F1 to F12 work as usual, and the functional only with the fn key – open “System settings” – “Keyboard“, then in the tab “Keyboard” select “Use the F1, F2 and other function keys as standard“.

Is done.

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Fn function keys on a laptop work the other way around

Automatic installation ABillS

On the test, I install the ABillS billing system in Ubuntu Server 16.04 using an installer.
I note that the installer can install older versions of components such as Accel-ppp, so I recommend installing everything manually.
See also my article – Installing and configuring the billing system ABillS

Let’s start the automatic installation, download and unpack the archive with the installation script:

sudo apt-get install unzip wget

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Updating iLO 4 firmware on HP servers

On the test, I will update iLO4 with firmware 1.13 (Nov 08 2012) on the HP ProLiant DL380p G8 server to the latest version 2.50 (Sep 23 2016) at the time of this writing.
And so, download the firmware from the official site, choosing, for example, the Windows Server operating system, as some do not display the firmware tab “Firmware”.
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BIOS update on the HP ProLiant DL180 G6 server

First you need to download the latest BIOS firmware from the official HP website at THIS LINK.

Clicking on the link, you must specify the language and version of the operating system, which in our case makes no difference.
After that a list of files will appear, where you need to select “BIOS (Entitlement Required) – System ROM ” and click “Download” in front of the newest firmware file.
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Zabbix notifications by phone via Asterisk

One night at the station, the air conditioners turned off and the temperature started to rise, naturally, I received email notifications on the phone, but since it was night, I only saw them in the morning, so it was necessary for such an emergency to quickly make the possibility of phone call notifications.

I will give an example of the variant of Zabbix alerts using a phone call through Asterisk.

Asterisk should have a module loaded, to do this, open the module configuration file, for example, in the nano editor (Ctrl+X to exit, y/n to save or cancel changes):

sudo nano /etc/asterisk/modules.conf

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Shredding data with Shred

Shred – allows you to overwrite the specified file with random data in order to ensure, if necessary, the more difficult process of recovery or the impossibility of data recovery.
On some file systems, data deletion is not guaranteed and the use of shred may not be effective.

The list of possible arguments:
Help program:

man shred

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