Установка и использование Ettercap

Ettercap — инструмент для анализа безопасности компьютерной сети.

Домашняя страница: www.ettercap-project.org

Команда установки в Ubuntu/Debian:

sudo apt install ettercap-text-only

Просмотр справки:

ettercap --help

Пример использования Ettercap:

ettercap [ОПЦИИ] [ЦЕЛЬ1] [ЦЕЛЬ2]
sudo ettercap -T -q -i eth0

Список возможных ключей запуска:

Sniffing and Attack options:
-M, —mitm perform a mitm attack
-o, —only-mitm don’t sniff, only perform the mitm attack
-B, —bridge use bridged sniff (needs 2 ifaces)
-p, —nopromisc do not put the iface in promisc mode
-u, —unoffensive do not forward packets
-r, —read read data from pcapfile
-f, —pcapfilter set the pcap filter
-R, —reversed use reversed TARGET matching
-t, —proto sniff only this proto (default is all)
User Interface Type:
-T, —text use text only UI
-q, —quiet do not display packet contents
-s, —script issue these commands to the GUI
-C, —curses use curses UI
-D, —daemon daemonize ettercap (no UI)
Logging options:
-w, —write write sniffed data to pcapfile
-L, —log log all the traffic to this
-l, —log-info log only passive infos to this
-m, —log-msg log all the messages to this
-c, —compress use gzip compression on log files

Visualization options:
-d, —dns resolves ip addresses into hostnames
-V, —visual set the visualization format
-e, —regex visualize only packets matching this regex
-E, —ext-headers print extended header for every pck
-Q, —superquiet do not display user and password
General options:
-i, —iface use this network interface
-I, —iflist show all the network interfaces
-n, —netmask force this on iface
-A, —address

force this local
on iface
-P, —plugin launch this -F, —filter load the filter (content filter)
-z, —silent do not perform the initial ARP scan
-j, —load-hosts load the hosts list from
-k, —save-hosts save the hosts list to
-W, —wep-key use this wep key to decrypt wifi packets
-a, —config use the alterative config file
Standard options:
-v, —version prints the version and exit
-h, —help this help screen

ACK (Acknowledge) — подтверждение
OFFER — предложение

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