1 Gbps per ONU BDCOM

By default, on all ONUs of any manufacturers that are connected to the BDCOM OLT, the maximum speed is set to 100 Mbps, in order to increase it, you must specify a pair of commands for a specific ONU.

Let’s say you have a registered ONU:

show running-config interface epon 0/1:5

interface EPON0/1:5
 description ixnfo.com
  epon onu port 1 ctc vlan mode tag 735 priority 0
  epon onu port 1 ctc loopback detect

Now let’s allow this ONU a maximum speed of up to 1 Gbps:

interface EPON0/1:5
epon sla upstream pir 1000000 cir 10000
epon sla downstream pir 1000000 cir 10000

Let’s save the configuration:

write all

If you do not change pir and cir, then their default values ​​(100 Mbps):

pir 100000 cir 1000

PIR – Peak Information Rate
CIR – Committed Information Rate
CIR is calculated from the total bandwidth of the EPON port, so it cannot be increased much, as this may affect the speed of other ONUs, I also do not recommend using these commands as a shaper, it is better to limit the speed to clients somewhere up to BDCOM, I use them only when after the ONU there is a managed switch or when the client has a tariff of more than 100 Mbps.

Also, some ONUs may support rate limiting on the ethernet port, I will give an example:

epon onu port 1 ctc rate-limit 150100 ingress
epon onu port 1 ctc rate-limit 150100 egress

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