Access restriction to Ubiquiti over IP using Firewall

For the test, I’ll take the airMAX Rocket M5 sector antenna in bridge mode and the airMAX NanoBeam M5 client antenna in router mode.

Restrict access first to the client.
Suppose that it is connected to the sector and has an IP address which looks into the Internet (obtained via DHCP).
The IP of the administrator who should have access to it remotely is, the rest must be blocked.

And so, go to the airMAX NanoBeam M5 web interface, open the “NETWORK” tab, next to “Configuration Mode:” select “Advanced”, then more settings will appear.
At the bottom where the “Firewall” tick the “Enable”.

Just below we add a rule specifying:
Target: DROP
Interface: WLAN0
IP Type: TCP
Source: (IP from which it is allowed to connect, as well as be sure to put a tick in front of it under the exclamation mark)
Port: leave empty
Destination: (An antenna IP that looks out)
Port: 22 (This is an SSH port, similarly, other rules are created to restrict access to the HTTP port – TCP 80, HTTPS – TCP 443, Telnet – TCP 23, SNMP – UDP 161, Discovery – UDP 10001)

As you can see, this rule blocks all TCP connections to port 22 of the WLAN0 interface on IP, and the set check mark on ! before Source: means that everything except this IP is blocked.

Click “Add”, then “Change” at the bottom and at the top of “Apply” to apply the changes, after that the antenna will restart.

To limit access to the sector antenna that is configured by the bridge, we add the same rules, only where the Interface: we specify ANY (ALL).

Is done.

After adding rules and connecting to a device via SSH in the configuration, you can see the following:

ebtables.1.cmd=-A FIREWALL -p 0x0800 --ip-protocol 6 --ip-src ! --ip-dst --ip-dport 22 -j DROP
ebtables.2.cmd=-A FIREWALL -p 0x0800 --ip-protocol 6 --ip-src ! --ip-dst --ip-dport 80 -j DROP
ebtables.3.cmd=-A FIREWALL -p 0x0800 --ip-protocol 6 --ip-src ! --ip-dst --ip-dport 443 -j DROP
ebtables.4.cmd=-A FIREWALL -p 0x0800 --ip-protocol 17 --ip-src ! --ip-dst --ip-dport 161 -j DROP

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