Add Alcatel-Lucent I-010G ONT on Huawei SmartAX MA5683T

Suppose we configured the Huawei SmartAX MA5683T and added a lineprofile/srvprofile for this my instruction: Setting up the Huawei SmartAX MA5683T via the console

The Alcatel-Lucent I-010G device itself does not need to be configured, although it has a web interface with the IP address, the same login and admin password, which has no special functions, it is possible to specify the SN manually, change the user password, update the firmware, viewing statistics, such as optical signal.

When you first connect to the configured Huawei SmartAX MA5683T, we first switch to configuration mode:


Find out the serial number of the ONT and the number of the card to which it is connected by dialing the command to search for new ones not added by the ONT:

display ont autofind all

Let’s switch to the configuration mode of the desired Gpon board (to the port of which the ONT will be connected):

interface gpon 0/5

Now add the ONT with its serial number:

ont add 3 17 sn-auth "414C434CF23D5EAF" omci ont-lineprofile-id 10 ont-srvprofile-id 10 desc "TEXT"
ont port native-vlan 3 17 eth 1 vlan 228 priority 0

Where 3 is the number of the Gpon port to which the ONT is connected.
The number 17 indicates the ONT ID and is indicated next in order after the ONT added in the config, the list of occupied IDs can be seen by exiting the Gpon setting mode and typing the command showing the entire configuration (for each gpon port, their ONT IDs):

display current-configuration

Exit Gpon interface configuration mode:


Add a service-port that will issue untagged traffic to the ONT (425 means service port number and is taken from the free ones in order):

service-port 425 vlan 228 gpon 0/5/3 ont 17 gemport 1 multi-service user-vlan 228

Save the configuration:


That’s all, ONT will work like a media converter. ONT works no worse than TP-LINK TL-GP110 with a signal up to -28, on a test at -33 it worked with poor ping, Chinese copies of this model work in the same way.
I noticed that on models I-010G-V, the serial number in the OLT is written as usual, for example 414C434CF2CDB8E7, and on the ONT sticker it is written ALCLF2CDB8E7, that is, instead of 414C434C – ALCL.

There have been cases with I-010G-V, when the ONT stopped passing DHCP packets from the client and it could not get IP (only DHCPDISCOVER passed from the client, and DHCPOFFER did not miss ONT), the device restarted and the ONT LAN turned on/off helped a similar problem was when several VLAN tags passed through the ONT, OMCI = failed were sometimes displayed, instead of normal, even when pinging a client with 1100 byte packets, a strange answer, then 1ms, then 10ms, the Details example of one of these problematic ONTs:

Vendor ID = ALCL
Terminal Type = __________I-010G-V__
Software Version = 3FE55344AOTD08

I also note that through Alcatel ONT “__ I-010G-V”, I had a maximum of 11 VLANs, that is, those that were added in the profile starting with “gem add 12” did not work anymore, they solved this problem by replacing TP-Link GP110.

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