Assigning admins in AMXmodX

AMXmodX administrators are added at the end of the \cstrike\addons\amxmodx\configs\users.ini file.

It can be assigned both by IP address and by nickname.

For example, to assign an IP address with full rights, you must add the line to the end of the above file (where “” is the IP address of the administrator):

"" "" "abcdefghijklmnopqrstu" "de"

Other administrators are added similarly, each from a new line.

To assign by nickname (in this case, the user with the specified nickname also needs to be specified in the game client in the autoexec.cfg file, specify the password by adding the setinfo _pw PASSWORD command):

"IXNFO" "1111" "abcdefghijklmnopqrstu" "a"

As an example, an administrator with the nickname IXNFO and password 1111 was added.

I will describe possible access rights (above we added administrators by indicating all the rights to them, you can limit them by removing the corresponding letter):
a – immunity (you can not kick, ban, spank)
b – the ability to connect to the server using backup slots
c – the ability to use the amx_kick command
d – the ability to use the amx_ban command
e – the ability to use the amx_slay command
f – the ability to use the amx_map command
g – the ability to use the amx_cvar command
h – the ability to use the amx_cfg command
i – the ability to use the amx_chat command and other chat commands
j – the ability to use the amx_vote command and other voting commands
k – the ability to use the sv_password command (via amx_cvar)
l – the ability to use the amx_rcon and rcon_password commands (via amx_cvar)
m – custom level A (for additional plugins)
n – custom level B
o – custom level C
p – custom level D
q – custom level E
r – custom level F
s – customizable level G
t – adjustable level H
u – access to the menu
z – standard access for users (not admins)

Possible account flags (indicated separately at the end of the line after access rights):
a – disconnect the player from the server with an incorrect password
b – clan tag registration
c – admin will connect via steamid/wonid
d – admin will connect by ip address
e – password is not verified (verification is by name/ip/steamid)
k – case sensitivity (for example, if an administrator is assigned by the name Name, other players will be able to connect with the names name, NAME, NAme, etc., but not Name)

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