Asus RT-N10LX Firmware Update

As an example, I will use the RT-N10LX router with firmware version

First of all, see if there is a newer firmware on the official website:

Download the archive with the new firmware and unpack it.

Open the web-based interface of the router by typing the address in the browser and enter the login – admin, password – admin, and look at the firmware version that is installed, it is usually written at the very top, for example, “Firmware version:”.

Next, open the “Administration” menu, select the “Firmware Update” tab, click “Browse” and select the firmware file downloaded and unpacked from the archive (in my case it is RT-N10LX_2.0.0.37.trx), click “Submit” and wait for the update process to complete.

The configuration of the router after updating the firmware remained unchanged.

If a failure occurs during the upgrade, the router can be restored using a utility that can be downloaded from the official site using the link above.

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