Backup configuration of MikroTik

You can make a backup copy of the configuration of MikroTik devices in several ways:

1) Via the web interface or WinBox on the left in the menu select Files and press the Backup key and once again Backup, after which a file with a backup copy of the settings will be created in the device memory. For example, after resetting the device’s settings, you can restore them from this file, open Files there, select the desired file and click the Restore button, the device will reboot.
From the terminal, look at the list of files in memory, make a backup and recover from it like this:

file print
system backup save name=file
system backup load name=file

From this file, you can restore only on the device where it was made, because the mac addresses of the interfaces are also restored.

2) The next option is to export the configuration (the list of commands) to a file, which you can then execute on other devices, thereby transferring the configuration.
I wrote about this in the next article How to view the configuration of MikroTik

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