Configuring ACL on Ubiquiti devices

Let’s say we want to configure the ACL (access control list) on the Ubiquiti access point.

In the web interface of the device, open the tab “Wireless“.

At the very bottom opposite “MAC ACL:” tick the “Enable“.

And choose “Policy:“, on “Allow” (means that there will be devices on the list that are allowed to connect, all who are not registered – can not) or “Deny” (in the list of devices that can not be connected, and everyone else can).

By clicking on the button “ACL…“, in the opened window to add the device, in the first field we indicate its MAC, in the second one any desired description and click “Add“, later “Save“.
And the last stage is at the top click the button “Apply“, after which the changes are saved and applied without loss of communication with the device (without rebooting).

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