Configuring an FTP server on Windows Server 2008 R2

On the test, I will configure the FTP server on Windows Server 2008 R2.

Open the “Server Manager”, it can be found in the menu “Start” – “Administrative Tools”.

If the “Web Server IIS” role is installed, then select it and then click “Add Role Services” (not Add Roles), check “FTP Server” and click “Next” and “Install”.

If the “Web Server IIS” role is not installed, in the “Roles” click “Add Roles”, select “Web Server IIS”, remove the tick from unnecessary components and check “FTP Server”, then click “Next” and “Install”.

Open “IIS Manager”, click “Add FTP Site …”, specify any name and path to the directory where the data will be stored, in the next window we will indicate which users are allowed to connect.

On the left we select the created FTP site, open “FTP Authentication” and activate “Basic Authentication”.

This completes the basic configuration of the FTP server and can be connected to it.

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