Authorized IP on the HP 5800 switch is used to allow telnet and http to connect to the switch only from specified IP addresses.

First, create an ACL rule and specify trusted IP addresses:

acl number 2001
rule 0 permit source 0
rule 5 permit source 0
rule 10 permit source 0

Through the web-interface ACL can be added through the menu “QoS” – “ACL IPv4”.

Now we specify this rule for http, snmp and telnet:

ip http acl 2001
snmp-agent community read ixnfocom acl 2001

display current-configuration | include vty
user-interface vty 0
acl 2001 inbound
user-interface vty 1 15
acl 2001 inbound

In the web-interface ACL indicated in the menu “Security” – “Authorized IP”.

Done, now you can connect to the switchboard only from the specified IP addresses.

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