Configuring Edge-core ES3526XA

In the test, I’ll configure the Edge-core ES3526XA switch.

RS232 console cable for Edge-core is the same as for Allied Telesis switches and TV tuners (mother-to-mother).

When connecting, we’ll see the current configuration and immediately go into configuration mode:

show running-config

Add the necessary VLANs:

vlan database
 vlan 207 name Management
 vlan 226 name Clients

Set up the uplink port:

interface ethernet 1/25
switchport allowed vlan add 1 untagged
switchport allowed vlan add 207,226 tagged
switchport mode trunk

After that, you can create a vlan interface for managing the switch:

interface vlan 207
ip address
ip default-gateway

Example client port settings:

interface ethernet 1/1-24
switchport native vlan 226
switchport allowed vlan add 226 untagged
switchport mode access
switchport broadcast packet-rate 1024

interface ethernet 1/26

Set up time and SNMP:

clock timezone UTC hour 3 minute 0 after-utc
sntp server
sntp client
snmp-server community public ro
snmp-server community private rw
snmp-server location test
snmp-server contact
hostname ixnfo

Example of deleting an unnecessary user:

no username guest

Administrator password setting:

username admin access-level 15
username admin password ?
enable password level 15 ?

We exit the configuration mode, look at the current configuration and save it:

 show running-config
 copy running-config startup-config

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