Configuring Foxgate S6208

On the test I will configure the Foxgate S6208-S1 (R2.0) switch.

Connect to it through the console and go to configuration mode:


Add user:

username NAME privilege 15 password 0 PASSWORD

Turn on telnet:

telnet-server enable

Turn on the web interface:

ip http server
authentication line web login local

We allow you to manage the switch only from the specified IPs:

authentication securityip
authentication securityip

Configure SNMP and allow connection only from the specified IPs:

snmp-server enable
snmp-server securityip
snmp-server securityip
snmp-server community ro 0 public

Turn on dhcp snooping, in the future we will block other people’s DHCP with it:

ip dhcp snooping enable

Specify the recovery time after detecting a loop on the port:

loopback-detection control-recovery timeout 300

Add VLAN for management (I have 207):

vlan 207
name core

Add VLAN for users:

vlan 226
name local_smart

Set up ports for users (226 vlan without tag):

Interface Ethernet1/1-8
switchport access vlan 226
loopback-detection control shutdown
ip dhcp snooping action blackhole recovery 60

Configure the uplink port (the Internet will come from it, all vlan with the tag):

Interface Ethernet1/9
switchport mode trunk
ip dhcp snooping trust

We will register the IP in the managed VLAN to connect to the switch remotely:

interface Vlan207
ip address

If necessary, we will set the gateway for the IP address that was registered above:

ip default-gateway

Set the time parameters:

sntp polltime 12400
sntp server x.x.x.x
clock timezone Kiev add 2 0

You can view information about the switch using the command:

show version

View configuration:

show running-config

We exit the configuration mode and save the configuration:


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