Configuring Jumbo Frame on Cisco Nexus 3064

I will give an example of increasing the MTU to 9216 bytes globally (for a specific interface it is impossible):

policy-map type network-qos jumbo
 class type network-qos class-default
  mtu 9216

system qos
 service-policy type network-qos jumbo

Let’s check:

show queuing interface ethernet 1/1

I got it displayed:

HW MTU of Ethernet1/1 : 9216 bytes

If you look at the information on the interfaces, then “MTU 1500 bytes” will be displayed there, so it should be:

show interface ethernet 1/1

If you need to increase the MTU on the VLAN interface (SVI – Switched Virtual Interface):

interface vlan 1
mtu 9216
show interface vlan 1

If you need to increase MTU on a port configured as L3:

interface ethernet 1/1
no switchport
mtu 9216
show interface ethernet 1/1

For the test, you can ping from the switch, specifying the packet size:

ping packet-size 9216 c 10

I also noticed the system jumbomtu command, but it was not useful on the Cisco Nexus 3064, but on the Nexus 7010 it can be used to increase the MTU:

system jumbomtu 9216
interface ethernet 1/1
mtu 9216
show interface ethernet 1/1

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