Configuring VLAN on Mimosa B5c

It took one time to configure several VLANs on the Mimosa B5c, the devices were already installed and the traffic passed through them without a tag in one VLAN.

But since the web interface does not have the ability to configure VLANs, it turned out that Mimosa B5c passes all packets with the VLAN tag and no settings, the main thing is to configure the “Management VLAN” so that the device’s IP address is in a specific VLAN or the switch port can still be configured in hybrid mode “so that the device’s IP address is in the VLAN without a tag, and all others are tagged, but I recommend setting the “Management VLAN”.

To do this, open the web interface and open the menu “PREFERENCES” – “Management”, in the “Management IP” block specify the desired IP address to the device and not save the changes in the “Management VLAN” block, select “Enable”, in the “ID” field specify the VLAN number management and save changes.

Now, after we have configured “Management VLAN”, the switch port in which the Mimosa B5c is connected can be switched to trunk mode, specify the management VLAN, as well as all the necessary VLANs.

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