Eaton UPS SNMP OIDs and MIBs

Once we installed an Eaton 9PX8KiPM rev01 + 9PXEBM240 rev02 UPS with a network card (Network MS) in one company, so I decided to write my template in Zabbix and, accordingly, I will post the SNMP OIDs that I used here.

You can check SNMP OID from Linux with the following command (where IXNFO.COM is SNMP community):

snmpwalk -v1 -c IXNFO.COM

I indicated the IP address on the network card by connecting to it with an ordinary console cable with an RJ45 connector (as for D-Link and Huawei switches, for example), in the same place you can reset the password if you suddenly forget. Then I typed the IP address of the UPS in the browser to open the web interface and specify the password for login and SNMP community.

Battery Information:

upsBatteryVoltage (V DC)

upsBatCapacity (%)




upsBatTimeRemaining (Battery Runtime Remaining (sec.))

upsBatteryStatus (unknown(1),Normal(2),Low(3),Depleted(4))

upsBatteryAbmStatus (Charging(1),Discharging(2),Floating(3),Resting(4),unknown(5),Disconnected(6),Under Test(7),Check Battery(8))

upsTestBatteryStatus (unknown (1),passed (2),failed (3),inProgress (4),notSupported (5),inhibited (6),scheduled (7))

Voltage information and other:

upsInputFrequency (result multiplied by 0.1)

upsOutputFrequency (result multiplied by 0.1)

upsInputVoltage (V AC)

outputVoltage (result multiplied by 0.1)

upsOutputLoad (%)

upsOutputWatts (Output Watts (W))

upsEnvAmbientTemp (Internal Temperature (C))

upsInputSource (other(1),none(2),primaryUtility(3),bypassFeed(4),secondaryUtility(5),generator(6),flywheel(7),fuelcell(8))

upsOutputSource (other(1),none(2),normal(3),bypass(4),battery(5),booster(6),reducer(7),parallelCapacity(8),parallelRedundant(9),highEfficiencyMode(10))

upsAlarms (count)

upsConfigHighVoltageTransferPoint (V AC)

upsConfigLowVoltageTransferPoint (V AC) (upsIdentManufacturer) (upsIdentModel) (upsIdentUPSSoftwareVersion) (upsIdentAgentSoftwareVersion) (upsIdentName) (upsConfigLowVoltageTransferPoint) (upsConfigHighVoltageTransferPoint) (upsConfigInstallDate) Date of Installation (upsBatteryLastRep) Battery Last Replaced Date

Standard SNMP OIDs: (sysDescr) (sysObjectID) (sysUpTime) (sysContact) (sysName) (sysLocation) (ifNumber) (ifDescr) (ifPhysAddress) (ifInOctets) (ifOutOctets)

You can also download SNMP MIB from the official website

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