Firmware Update for Asus RT-N10E Router

I will describe below the procedure for updating the firmware of the Asus RT-N10E router.

The official page for downloading the firmware, where they were for version A and B, the main thing is not to mix up:

At my fingertips was the Asus RT-N10E version A, this is indicated by the inscription on the label under the router, as well as in the web interface. The wrong version can damage the router.
Direct link to version A:

To update the firmware via the web interface, open the “Administration” – “Firmware Update“, select the new firmware file unpacked from the archive and click the “Send“. Wait until the operation is completed and never turn off the power of the router.

By the way, after the firmware the settings were not reset to the factory settings.

In the event that when you enter the settings of the router via the web interface on the left, no menu will be displayed, it is sometimes treated by resetting the settings to the factory default reset button.
To reset the settings to the factory settings, you must press and hold the reset button until the power indicator blinks or goes out. The standard login and password are admin. The standard IP is

If an error occurs or the power is lost, for example, the Firmware Restoration utility is used to restore the firmware from the disk that comes with the router, and you can also download it from the official website using the link above.

To start recovery, you need:

1) prescribe a static IP address for the computer, for example with a subnet mask of, connect to one of the four LAN ports on the router.

2) turn off the power on the router, press the reset button and hold it to turn on the power, press the button for about 15 seconds.

3) run the Firmware Restoration utility, select the firmware file and load it into the router.


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