GLOBO 4100C Firmware Update

And so, for the firmware of the GLOBO 4100C tuner, you will need the Upgrade_3329C program, a null modem cable, see also my article:

How to solder a null modem cable RS-232
and firmware, the latest firmware or dumps need to be searched on the Internet, for example on this site

Also, before flashing, you need to look at how many heads are configured and on which DiSEqC, since after filling in the dump they will go wrong and will need to be adjusted in the settings. In Ukraine, for example, the satellites Astra 4A (Sirius) 4.8E, AMOS 2/3 4W, HOTBIRT 13E are mainly used.

Now I will describe by points what needs to be done for the firmware:

1) Connect the OFF tuner to the computer’s COM port using a null modem cable.

2) Run the program Upgrade_3329c.exe, select the COM port to which the tuner is connected in the “Select port” menu, most often it is COM1, if the USB-COM adapter is used, then you need to look at the port number in the device manager.

3) Press the “Browse” button and indicate the firmware downloaded earlier, select “allcode” in the “Download type”, click “Next>” and turn on the tuner into the socket, after switching on the firmware process should begin, at the end of which the message “Update completed successfully “, then disconnect the tuner from the network and from the computer. At the time of firmware, the tuner cannot be turned off!


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