Hikvision DS-2CD2032F-I firmware update

For example, I will update the firmware of the Hikvision DS-2CD2032F-I IP camera, in older firmware versions there is a vulnerability through which you can get the administrator password and access to the device, at the time of this writing, I discovered a vulnerability in version V5.4.0 build 160530, updating the firmware to 5.4.5 (170123) fixed this issue.

You can download the new version on the official website:

At the time of this writing, the IP camera had firmware V5.4.0 build 160530 installed, on the official website I downloaded the archive with the new version “IPC_R0_EN_STD_5.4.5_170123.zip”, unpacked it and found the firmware file “digicap.dav”, and you need to use it to update.

Open the web interface of the IP camera by typing the IP address in the browser, I used Internet Explorer, in the web interface, when it is prompted to install the plugin, we will install it. Then open the tab “Settings” – “Maintenance”. Where the line is “remote software update”, click “Browse” and specify the firmware file “digicap.dav”, click the “Update” button and wait for the process to complete for about 5 minutes.
During the firmware update, do not turn off the power of the device, otherwise it may be damaged.

This completes the firmware update process, the settings were not reset and remained the same.

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