How to block ONU BDCOM

For example, if there is a loop on the ONU or for other reasons, you can add the ONU to the black list, after that the ONU will not be able to automatically register, and “reject” entries will constantly appear in the logs.

Let’s go to configuration mode:


Let’s look at the EPON port settings to copy the MAC address of the required ONU or logs (for example, when there is a loop on the onu):

show running-config interface epon 0/2
show log

Let’s block the ONU (there is no need to remove the ONU from the configuration, it is enough to block it):

interface EPON0/2
epon onu-blacklist mac e067.b37d.d3d3

Let’s save the configuration:

write all

I will also give an example of removing ONU from the black list, after which the ONU will register back:

show running-config interface epon 0/2
interface EPON0/2
no epon onu-blacklist mac e067.b37d.d3d3

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