How to enable visual editor in WordPress

It was required to activate a visual editor on one of the WordPress blogs, but did not find the activation function in the settings.
And it turns on individually for each user in the profile settings.

You need to click on the user name in the upper right corner, select “Edit Profile” and in the window that opens, uncheck “Turn off the visual editor” and click “Update Profile” at the very bottom.

There is a possibility that the visual editor may be blocked by an antivirus, in which case the site address must be added to the trusted ones in the antivirus settings.
It can also be blocked by some browser plug-ins, in which case they must be disabled or the site also added to the list of trusted ones.
In the extreme case when the visual editor is damaged, in this case it is necessary to delete the wp-admin and wp-includes directories, and download their latest copies from the archive of the same version of WordPress.

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