How to view ARP and MAC addresses on Cisco

Here is an example of searching ARP records for mac address:

show arp | include 10fe.ed58.0555

Viewing ARP over IP, MAC, VLAN:

sh ip arp
sh ip arp 01ac:bc11:1100
sh ip arp vlan 100

View the table of mac addresses in the specified VLAN:

show mac address-table vlan 100

Search mac addresses in the table:

show mac-address-table address 20cf.30bd.d1fe

Viewing duplicate mac addresses:

sh mac-address-table duplicate only

View the mac address range of modules in the device:

show module

If you need to remove the MAC or IP from the tables, then:

clear ip arp
clear mac-address-table dynamic address 6872.5104.aaaa
clear arp-cache

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