Installing Metamod on Linux

Metamod – a module that allows to extend the capabilities of the HLDS server, it intercepts calls to functions and transmits data to other plug-ins.

For example, I will install it on the server Counter-Strike 1.6.
Let’s go to the directory cstrike and create the necessary folders:

cd ~/hlds/cstrike
mkdir addons
cd addons
mkdir metamod
cd metamod
mkdir dlls
cd dlls

Download the archive from Metamod and unpack it:

tar -zxvf metamod-p-1.21p37-linux_i686.tar.gz

Create the plugins.ini file:

cd ~/hlds/cstrike/addons/metamod
touch plugins.ini

Open the file liblist.gam in the text editor (in the nano editor, press Ctrl+X to exit, y or n, then Enter to save or discard the changes:

cd ~/hlds/cstrike
nano liblist.gam

Add at the end of the line:

gamedll_linux "addons/metamod/dlls/"

Done, Metamod is installed, the server can be rebooted.
In order to connect nosteam clients to the server, you can install Dproto as well.

A new version of Metamod can be found here

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