Installing Windows on Dell Latitude 10

I will describe the process of installing Windows on a Dell Latitude 10 tablet:

1) First of all, download the archive with the distribution of Windows, for example from here:

2) Extract the archive, for example, to the root of disk D.

3) Open the command prompt as administrator and execute the following commands.

Go to disk D:

Go to the directory with the unpacked files:

cd DellClearInstallUSB

Run the script to create a bootable flash drive with the letter of the flash drive:

MakeUSB.cmd H:

On the message that all data on the flash drive will be erased, press the “y” key.
Upon completion, the flash drive will be ready, you can connect it to the tablet and proceed with the installation of Windows.
On the tablet, you need to go into the BIOS and specify the connected USB flash drive first at startup.

See also my video “Entering the BIOS on Dell Latitude 10”:

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