JunOS dyn prof: failed to register error

I once configured a Juniper MX204 and found an error:

libdyn_pcef retry cb, still not ready
authd[8776]: dyn prof: failed to register error=12
authd[8776]: dyn prof: failed to register with error = 12

The error arose due to the fact that I increased the size of the allocated memory for the configuration, i thought 698343424 is the default:

set chassis network-services enhanced-ip
set system services subscriber-management enable
set system configuration-database max-db-size 698343424
request system reboot

I looked at the size of the installed RAM:

show chassis routing-engine
DRAM 16334 MB (16384 MB installed)
show system information
Junos: 19.4R3-S6.1

I looked at the recommended value on the official website

When I reduced the size to 300 megabytes, the error disappeared:

set system configuration-database max-db-size 300M
request system reboot

You can see how much memory is used by the configuration with the command:

show system configuration database

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