List of AMXmodX Commands

I will list the AMXmodX commands and briefly describe them.

Administrator Commands:
amxmodmenu (main menu)
amx_addadmin NAME| auth ACCESS FLAG PASSWORD authtype (Admin)
amx_addban authid_or_ip TIME REASON (adding a ban)
amx_unban authid_or_ip (ban removal)
amx_ban NAME NEW_NAME TIME REASON (add ban)
amx_cfg FILE (loading the specified configuration file)
amx_cvar VALUE (change or view the cvar value)
amx_help (view available commands)
amx_kick NAME_OR_userid REASON (player expelled from the game)
amx_last (list of recently released players from the server)
amx_leave TAG TEG1 TEG2 TEG3 (exclude all players who do not have the specified clan tags)
amx_map CARD (change the card to the specified one)
amx_menu (menu for players)
amx_modules (view loaded modules)
amx_nick NAME NEW_NAME (change player name)
amx_off (shutting down plugins)
amx_on (enable plugins)
amx_pause (enable or disable pause)
amx_pausecfg (pause control commands)
amx_plugins (view downloaded plugins)
amx_rcon COMMAND (rcon command execution on the server)
amx_reloadadmins (updating admin rights from users.ini)
amx_setlang LANGUAGE (language setting)
amx_showrcon TEAM (running a command on the server and viewing the result)
amx_slap NAME_OR_userid DAMAGE (spank player)
amx_slay NAME_OR_userid (kill player)
amx_who (list of players on the server)

amx_vote QUESTION ANSWER1 ANSWER (start of voting)
amx_voteban NAME_OR_userid (vote for player ban)
amx_votekick NAME_OR_userid (vote for player kick)
amx_votemap CARD CARD CARD CARD (vote for the next card)
amx_cancelvote (abort vote)

Statistics Commands:
say /switch (enable/disable statistics)
say /top15 (top 15 players)
say /stats (player statistics)
say /statsme (your statistics)
say /hp (information about your killer)
say /me (round statistics)
say /rank (your rank on the server)
say /rankstats (server statistics)
say /report (weapon status)
say /score (team statistics)

Chat Messages:
say currentmap (view the name of the current map)
say ff (Friendly Fire status)
say nextmap (view the name of the next map)
say thetime (view current time)
say timeleft (time to the end of the map)

Team Chat:
amx_chat MESSAGE (send a message to all admins)
amx_csay COLOR MESSAGE (message to all centered)
amx_psay NAME_OR_userid MESSAGE (private message to the specified player)
amx_say MESSAGE (message to all players)
amx_tsay MESSAGE (message to everyone on the left)
say @[@|@|@] [w|r|g|b|y|m|c] MESSAGE (message to everyone on the left)
say_team @ MESSAGE (HUD message to all admins)

RCON commands:
amxx cmds (view AMXmodX commands)
amxx cvars (view CVAR AMXmodX)
amxx gpl (view GNU license)
amxx modules (view modules)
amxx plugins (view plugins)
amxx pause (pause a running plugin)
amxx unpause (start paused plugin)
amxx version (view AMXmodX version)

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