llid-admin-down status BDCOM ONU

Once I noticed that on one BDCOM P3310D 4 ONUs with the status llid-admin-down turned off at the same time.

Looked at information about onu:

show epon onu-information interface EPON0/1
EPON0/1:7        BDCM     6014       0055.b11e.2b33 N/A             static   auto-configured  N/A
EPON0/1:8        BDCM     6014       0055.b11e.5534 N/A             static   deregistered     power-off
EPON0/1:9        XPON     XPON       a28b.0828.5690 N/A             static   auto-configured  N/A
EPON0/1:10       XPON     XPON       a28b.0828.7a90 N/A             static   deregistered     llid-admin-down
EPON0/1:11       XPON     XPON       a28b.0828.70f0 N/A             static   deregistered     llid-admin-down
EPON0/1:12       XPON     XPON       a28b.0828.21c0 N/A             static   deregistered     llid-admin-down
EPON0/1:13       XPON     XPON       a28b.0828.2720 N/A             static   deregistered     llid-admin-down
EPON0/1:14       XPON     XPON       a28b.0828.7260 N/A             static   auto-configured  N/A
EPON0/1:15       XPON     XPON       a28b.0828.24a0 N/A             static   auto-configured  N/A
EPON0/1:16       XPON     XPON       a28b.0828.8080 N/A             static   auto-configured  N/A

I looked at the optical signal levels that ONUs receive in neighboring houses:

show epon interface ePON 0/1:9 onu ctc optical-transceiver-diagnosis

I looked at the optical signal levels that the OLT receives from the ONU:

show epon optical-transceiver-diagnosis interface epon 0/1

I also looked at the history of optical signal levels in Zabbix and found that on the ONU with the status “llid-admin-down” the level became worse during the week. According to the workers, the problem was in the clutch (it burned out in the sleeve in front of the 1/4 divider).

Confused by the ONU llid-admin-down status, which is also displayed if the ONU is blocked with the onu-blacklist command:

interface EPON0/1
epon onu-blacklist mac a28b.0828.70f0
no epon onu-blacklist mac a28b.0828.70f0

But the ONUs were not blocked, it turns out llid-admin-down can be displayed when the client has a very poor optical signal and when the ONU has blocked the administrator.

I will give the version and model of the OLT on which this happened:

show version
BDCOM(tm) P3310D Software, Version 10.1.0F Build 69083
ROM: System Bootstrap, Version 0.4.2, Serial num:ixnfo.com
hardware version:V1.0
PCB version:H

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