Netis WF2780 Firmware Update

For the test, I will update the firmware on the Netis WF2780 router with firmware version V2.1.42494, at the time of writing, on the official website I found firmware version V2.2.43243.

1) Download the new firmware from the official website

2) Let’s open the router settings by typing in the browser the address (maybe and enter the username/password.

3) In the interface that opens, open the “System Tools” menu, select “Firmware Upgrade”, in the window that opens, click “Browse” and select the previously downloaded firmware, click “Upgrade” to launch update process. We are waiting for the completion of the process for about 2-5 minutes.

Often, after updating the firmware, it is necessary to reset the settings to factory settings, this need can be found in the firmware description.
At the time of updating the firmware, you cannot turn off the power of the router, as this may damage the device and may need to be restored via TFTP.

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