phpBB. How to remove all IP addresses from banlist

One day I needed to clear all IP addresses and subnets from the banlist, and there were about 20,000 of them, so I decided to run an SQL query.

Since it was impossible to specify a subnet mask in phpbb, but for example just 10.32.*.*, moderators indicated subnets with a hyphen, for example –, and in this case many subnets were added to the banlist.

Using the CTRL or SHIFT key, you can select dozens of addresses with the mouse, but there is a limitation; if there are thousands of them, it will be faster to delete by executing an SQL query:

DELETE FROM phpbb_banlist WHERE ban_ip != '';

As we can see in the request, all rows are deleted from the phpbb_banlist table, except those with an empty ban_ip, since they contain email addresses, not IPs, so I did not touch them.

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