Script to check for an empty directory

Recently noticed on one of his backup scripts that he stopped working and just created an empty directory with the current date, so there was an idea to add to it a check on an empty directory with a notification sent to the email.

Example of a script for checking for an empty directory, taking into account hidden files:

if [ `ls -a /backups/dir/ | grep -v "^\.$" | grep -v "^\..$" | wc -l` = "0" ]; then echo "Empty dir"; else echo "Non empty dir"; fi

Example of checking the directory with the name of the current date and if it is empty – by sending an email:

if [ `ls -a /backups/`date +%Y-%m-%d`/ | grep -v "^\.$" | grep -v "^\..$" | wc -l` = "0" ]; then (echo "Subject:Empty dir"; echo "Empty dir";) | sendmail; else echo "Non empty dir"; fi

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