Service Barcodes for Datalogic QuickScan I Lite QW2100

Once it was necessary on the Datalogic QuickScan I Lite QW2100 (QW2120-BKK1S) barcode scanner to turn off the automatic pressing of the Enter key after each scan, the barcode on the stand put the scanner online, I searched the rest of the programming codes on the Internet for a long time, so I’ll post it them here.

Format: PDF
Scan Mode = Trigger Single (Default)
Scan Mode = Always on
Scan Mode = Stand

File name: HH2_SUFFIXES
Format: PDF
Tab Suffix
Enter (CR) Suffix
Disable Suffix

These programming barcodes are also suitable for other models:
GryphonTM GD4100
GryphonTM GM4100
GryphonTM GBT4100
GryphonTM GD4300
QuickscanTM QD2100
QuickscanTM QW2100
PowerScanTM PD7100
PowerScanTM PBT7100
TouchTM TD1100

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