Solution of error “A module already exists” and “The installer detected a timeout” when updating phpBB

I updated phpBB 3.1.9 once to phpBB version 3.2.2 and noticed the following error:

The installer detected a timeout
The installer has detected a timeout, you may try to refresh the page, which may lead to data corruption. We suggest that you either increase your timeout settings or try to use the CLI.

Cleaned the table “phpbb_migrations” in the forum database:

TRUNCATE TABLE phpbb_migrations;

And again launched the update, but got another error:

A module already exists: UCP_AUTH_LINK_MANAGE

The standard Profile module was naturally installed, it could be disabled, but not deleted.
Therefore, I found it in the “phpbb_modules” table and deleted it, thus causing the update script to think that it is not installed:

SELECT * FROM `phpbb_modules` WHERE `module_langname` LIKE 'UCP_AUTH_LINK_MANAGE';

After continuing the update noticed another error:

A module already exists: ACP_CONTACT_SETTINGS

The Contact module was not even installed, after that I also found it in the table and deleted it, and also found and deleted “UCP_AUTH_LINK_MANAGE” once again, because the update script restored it:

SELECT * FROM `phpbb_modules` WHERE `module_langname` LIKE 'ACP_CONTACT_SETTINGS';
SELECT * FROM `phpbb_modules` WHERE `module_langname` LIKE 'UCP_AUTH_LINK_MANAGE';

After removing the modules from the “phpbb_modules” table, I cleared the “phpbb_migrations” table:

TRUNCATE TABLE phpbb_migrations;

I launched the phpBB update and it was successful.

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