Solution of the error when opening wp-admin after the update

I noticed somehow when upgrading WordPress to version 4.7 that after the update wp-admin does not open, instead of the admin window there is an empty window and in the address bar of the browser the following address:


Hence the conclusion – automatic updates are not always successful.
The problem is that the version of the database in the /wp-includes/version.php file and in the WordPress database are not the same in the wp_options table.
In my case, the versions in the file and in the database after the update were indicated as follows:

$wp_db_version = 38590;
db_version 37965

Therefore, to solve the problem in the wp_options table, where db_version we specify the same version as in the /wp-includes/version.php file.

After that, wp-admin will open.

Well, to find out why it happened, you need to look at the errors in the web server logs.

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