Speed limit on MikroTik through Queues

It was necessary somehow on the sector antenna to limit traffic for fans to shake torrents. Point set up and described in this article – MikroTik RB912UAG-2HPnD (BaseBox 2) + Ubiquiti Sector. In my case, the speed adjusts the billing, but I wanted to limit the test for the means of MikroTik.

I want to note that if the FastTrack function is enabled, then Simple Queues will not work.

Here is an example of the command to add a queue rule (where is the subnet for which the speed is limited):

queue simple add name=queue1 target= max-limit=3M/3M

If the speed is limited for a subnet and somebody needs to remove the restriction from this network, then we add a new rule in which we specify max-limit=0/0 and place it at the beginning of the list.

Via WEB and Winbox, open the Queues menu on the left and in the first Simple Queues tab, click Add New and specify:

Name: the name of the restriction at its discretion
Target: for whom the restriction will apply, for example, the entire subnet or one address
Max Limit: here we indicate the limitation of the download and return rates
Click OK and the simple rule is ready.

You can also specify the time when you need to limit the speed, then the rule will automatically turn on and off. In this case, you must definitely configure the time synchronization with the NTP server, since after the device is rebooted, the time is reset.

I also configured Simple Queue on a MikroTik device configured as a router, in this case you need to open “Queues” – “Queue Types” and add two types:

Type Name: pcq-download-3M
Kind: pcq
Rate: 3M
Dst. Address checkmark

Type Name: pcq-upload-3M
Kind: pcq
Rate: 3M
Src. Address checkmark

Then, when adding Simple Queue, you need to specify pcq-download-3M and pcq-upload-3M in the Queue Type.

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