Speeding up file downloads from Counter-Strike server

So that clients at the time of connecting to the Counter-Strike server can download files that they don’t have faster (new map, models, sounds, etc.), and by default the download speed from the server is limited and very low, you need to start a personal web server and copy all the necessary files to its root directory.

How to start the Apache2 web server on Linux for example, I described in this article – Installing and configuring the Apache2 web server

For example, create the folder /cstrike/maps/ in the root of the web server and copy the maps there which are not in the standard Counter-Strike client.

After that, in the server.cfg server configuration file, specify the link where to download the files from and enable file upload:

sv_downloadurl "http://ixnfo.com/cstrike/"
sv_allowdownload 1

Restart the Counter-Strike server to apply the changes.
After that, if the Internet connection is at a good speed, new clients will connect to the server almost instantly and they will almost not have to wait until a new card and other files are downloaded!
If the necessary files for downloading are not available on the web server, they will start downloading in normal slow mode from the Counter-Strike server.
Dangerous files. for example .exe files will not be downloaded.
The maximum address length for sv_downloadurl is 127 characters.

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