Teleste Luminato Firmware Update

For example, I will update the firmware on Teleste Luminato with the installed firmware version 5.2.34.

First of all, you need to take into account that after updating the firmware, you need to activate a new key, which is purchased from the supplier, if you do not activate it, then Teleste Luminato will work only for 7 days in test mode. The firmware files must also be obtained from the vendor.

The firmware is updated one by one, for example, I had version 5.2.34 installed, then I updated to 6.6.18> 7.6.15> 8.8.5> 9.6.8> 10.8.26. After each update, it is imperative to wait for all the modules to load and make sure that the loader is up-to-date everywhere, and then just proceed to the next update.

Personally, we needed to update the firmware in order to be able to sort channels by LCN, which is supported by all modern TVs and was not supported in the old version of Teleste Luminato firmware. Without LCN, after editing the channel list on Teleste, clients got confused with the channel list, as some TVs sorted by SID, and some by name.

In case of errors or bugs, the supplier can write to the manufacturer to solve the problem.

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