The page break in the HTML document

I had to somehow make an HTML check template for a thermal printer, which after each page can make a tape break.

Since the check should have been broken into two parts, I did not touch the first part, and put the second part in the div tag with the style:

<div style="page-break-before:always;">

Style “page-break-before” determines the gap in front of the page, so before the second page the tape was torn, well, and at the end of the printing process, the printer itself is breaking according to the settings of the printer. You can also specify that the gap should be executed after the page: “page-break-after” or “page-break-inside” inside the page.

I will describe the meaning:
always (always adds a page break)
auto (automatically adds a page break if it is required)
avoid (forbids page break)
left (skips one or two pages so that the next page is even when printing)
right (skips one or two pages so that the next page when printing is odd)
inherit (inherits the value)

The page break style can be specified for example in the table:

<table style="page-break-after:always">

Either in CSS:

table { page-break-after:always; }

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