The problem with pink video distortion in Adobe Premiere

Once I made a project in Adobe Premiere and I had to pull out the video card, after I pulled it out, I started using the integrated Intel HD Graphics 630 and I had a problem with the image. The video became distorted, most often with pink and green stripes.

Just in case, I exported the project to a video file and wanted to continue it on another computer, but the video file turned out to be also with these distortions.
I tried to reinstall Adobe Premiere, but it did not help.

As I wrote, the integrated Intel HD Graphics 630 graphics card was used, the driver was automatically installed by the Windows 10 operating system, the driver version was for February 2018.
Looking at the official site I found that there is a new driver version for May 2018.

Device Manager automatically did not install a new driver, so I downloaded it and performed the installation manually.
After installation, restarted the computer at the request of the driver installer and running Adobe Premiere found that the problem with the distortions disappeared.
Updating the Intel HD Graphics 630 driver has solved the problem.

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