Updating the firmware of the Planet GT-90x series

1) For example, let’s go to the web interface of the managed media converter Planet GT-90A. The standard ip-address is, the password and login is admin.
In the tab “System” -> “System Information” see that the current firmware V1.0b081017.

2) Download the archive with the new firmware version from the official website and unpack it.

3) In the web interface of the media converter we will move to the “System” – “Firmware Upgrade“, by clicking the button “Browse_” select from the previously unpacked archive a file with the extension *.bin (for example FW-GT90X-v1.6b121226.BIN). The next step is to press the button “Upgrade“, after which it is necessary to wait an average of 60 seconds, in any case not to turn off the power, and the media converter will work already under the new firmware version.
I want to note that after the firmware the ip-address did not change, the password was reset to the standard “admin”.


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