Updating the GI Matrix Lite’s firmware

There are several options for updating the GI Matrix Lite firmware:
1) Using USB flash drive
2) From the computer through the RS-232 port
3) From the Master receiver to the Slave receiver through the RS-232 ports
4) Through the Internet
5) From the satellite

On the test I will give an example of updating the firmware using a USB stick.

First of all we make a backup copy of the firmware by connecting the USB flash drive to the receiver and selecting MENU – System – Save to USB – OK
And also save the keys MENU – Conditional access – CA setting – Edit keys – press the green button, after that the file mcaskey.bin appears on the flash drive.


1) Download the latest firmware from the Internet or for example from here

2) Unpack the firmware file from the archive if it is in it and copy it to a USB flash drive, then connect the USB flash drive to the receiver.

3) Open MENU – System – Update via USB, select the firmware file, select the update type, then Start and OK.

At the end, the receiver will reboot itself.
At the time of updating, you can not turn off the power of the receiver or turn off the USB flash drive.

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