Why in VirtualBox you cannot choose 64-bit versions

I noticed somehow on one installed VirtualBox that when adding a workstation, you can select the type of system only 32-bit.

To solve this problem, first of all you need to restart your computer and go into the BIOS when you turn it on (most often by pressing the DEL or F8 key), there you can activate the “Intel (R) Virtualization Technology” function (the name may differ slightly usually located in the Advanced section and the CPU), in my case it was turned off, and on many computers I noticed that it was disabled as standard.
To enable, change from Disable to Enable, save the settings and exit the BIOS (by selecting Save & Exit or similar).

After that, VirtualBox has the opportunity to choose the type of 64-bit systems.

It may also be necessary in the “Control Panel” to open the “Uninstall a program” button on the left “Enable or disable Windows components” and uncheck the “Hyper-V” box if it is installed.


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