ABillS. How to run periodic on January 2

Once, one Internet provider asked me that ABillS should not charge the subscription on New Year’s Eve, so that users who forgot to replenish their account do not disconnect at midnight.

First of all, on the 31st I commented on periodic daily and periodic monthly.
Since the company’s offices are closed on the first day, they decided to write off the monthly fee on the second day, which I did on the second day when I woke up in the morning, first wrote off the first day:

/usr/abills/libexec/periodic daily DATE=2020-01-01
/usr/abills/libexec/periodic monthly DATE=2020-01-01 SKIP_MODULES=backup

Then for the current day:

/usr/abills/libexec/periodic daily
/usr/abills/libexec/periodic monthly SKIP_MODULES=backup

Well, after that I uncommented in cron periodic daily and periodic monthly.

It is worth considering that the 1st number may turn out to be unpaid for customers who forgot to pay and pay for example the second, so it is better to start periodic daily and periodic monthly in the morning of the first, so that customers see that there is no money on the account and begin to pay.

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