ABillS. Service status change script for tariffs with daily charge

Since in the ABillS bilingual system on tariffs with daily accrual, when the user has no money in the account, the status of the service does not automatically change to Too little deposit, and the customers are driven into a negative balance and then only turned off, I had to make a script from a SQL query and add it to Cron, as there were often cases when users complained that they were driven into a minus.

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ABillS. s_detail table grows

One day in July 2022, Zabbix told me that the size of the ABillS database exceeded 3 gigabytes, I created this trigger after installing Abills in 2018. After looking at the tables in the database, I noticed that the s_detail table began to grow strongly, before that it occupied several tens of megabytes in a month, and in July 2022 it grew by more than 2 GB. to reduce the size of the database, I removed the s_detail tables from the past months. I tried to specify s_detalization=0 in the configuration, but the table continued to grow. For example, 717,082 records (97 MB) were added to it in a day, for a month it turns out an example of 3 GB.

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FreeRadius. error solution rlm_sql_mysql: Couldn’t connect to MySQL server

Once I installed FreeRadius 3.0.23, by the way I described the process in the article: ABillS. Installing Freeradius, and optimized some parameters of the MySQL server, after which FreeRadius stopped starting and I saw errors in the logs:

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ABillS. Installing and configuring Callcenter

Once in one company, in order to simplify the search for callers in ABillS, it was necessary to install the Callcenter module, which has different capabilities, but what we needed was pop-up notifications in the browser with a link to the caller’s page.

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