Automatic installation ABillS

On the test, I install the ABillS billing system in Ubuntu Server 16.04 using an installer.
I note that the installer can install older versions of components such as Accel-ppp, so I recommend installing everything manually.
See also my article – Installing and configuring the billing system ABillS

Let’s start the automatic installation, download and unpack the archive with the installation script:

sudo apt-get install unzip wget

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Set up WatchDog by ABillS

In the ABillS billing system, you can configure the status check of any running programs, and configure automatic launch if any of them are not running.

For example, for tracking FreeRadius, you need to run the command:

/usr/abills/libexec/billd check_programs PROGRAMS="radiusd:/etc/init.d/radiusd start"

Where “radiusd” is the name of the program in the processes, and “/etc/init.d/radiusd start” the command to start it.

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