Huawei Quidway S2300 firmware upgrade via BOOTROM MENU

I will give an example of updating the firmware of the Huawei Quidway S2326TP-EI switch via BOOTROM MENU. Connect to the switch console, standard speed 9600. When you turn on the switch, immediately press the Ctrl + B key combination to enter the BOOTROM MENU. Enter the switch password, usually:

Block third-party DHCP servers on the Huawei Quidway S2300

I will give an example of how on the Huawei Quidway S2300 switch (using the S2326TP-EI as an example) to allow receiving DHCP responses from the uplink port and prohibiting client responses. First, enable dhcp snooping: Let’s enable dhcp snooping in the client vlan: And allow DHCP responses from the incoming uplink port: After that, […]