Cisco Nexus SNMP OID for Transceiver

Once I needed to monitor the optical signal level on the Cisco Nexus C3064PQ-10GX to prevent cable sagging, stretching and signal loss, because in this case the signal deteriorates gradually, usually I monitor the signal on the end equipment, but I came across an old BDCOM 3310B model in which there was no support DDM.

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ABillS. SNMP Port Shift

I noticed once that on Huawei switches SNMP port indices can be shifted, for example, on Huawei s2326 VLANs are considered first, for example ifIndex.1 is vlan1, ifIndex.2, ifIndex.3, ifIndex.4 are user VLANs, and then ifIndex5 is the port Ethernet1. Because of this, when binding client services to switch ports in ABillS, the ports will not be displayed correctly.

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