Resolving the error when starting the MC “Unable to create directory” /home/user/.local/share/mc “”

I noticed once the following error when starting MC (Midnight Commander):

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RAID Creation During Ubuntu Installation

On the test, when installing Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS, we will create software RAID1.
I note that when creating RAID will be used mdadm automatically.
I will connect two identical disks to the server (similarly, you can try to create RAID on a virtual machine, for example, created in VirtualBox).

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Configuring SIP Trunk in Asterisk from Ukrtelecom

I will give an example of setting up SIP Trunk in Asterisk, that is, Asterisk will be in the role of a SIP client.
From the provider Ukrtelecom received data: number, password and address of the telephony server (
SIP number was taken to make multi-channel not an ordinary city number, by forwarding in case of busy lines.
I will configure on a Linux server with a real IP without using NAT, as well as on another with NAT (in the second case, you need to change nat=no to nat=yes and comment out canreinvite).

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