Asterisk Call Forwarding

Let me give you an example of setting call forwarding in Asterisk.
For example, on Grandstream IP phones, you can enable redirection by the functions of the phone itself, but if the phone is far away and there is no way to do it on it, but it is possible to log in using the SIP number of this phone, then to activate call forwarding, you can make a voice menu when dialing a certain number, for example, *21 to activate call forwarding and enter the phone number to which calls will be forwarded, and *22 to cancel call forwarding.

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How to allow all outgoing ports in CSF

Once on the same server running cPanel, CSF (Config Server Firewall) and LFD (Login Failure Daemon) I wanted to run the Speedtest CLI, but it did not start because it could not connect to the servers, I opened the CSF settings through the WHM panel (at the very bottom menu “ConfigServer Security & Firewall” – “Firewall Configuration”), where he discovered that only a few outgoing ports were open:

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