Zabbix notifications by phone via Asterisk

One night at the station, the air conditioners turned off and the temperature started to rise, naturally, I received email notifications on the phone, but since it was night, I only saw them in the morning, so it was necessary for such an emergency to quickly make the possibility of phone call notifications. I will […]

Asterisk compile error solution “‘pjsip_tcp_transport_cfg’ has no member named ‘sockopt_params’”

Once I compiled Asterisk version 13.13.1 and when running make I noticed the following error: ‘pjsip_tcp_transport_cfg’ has no member named ‘sockopt_params’ pjproject-2.2.1 has already been compiled. Solved the problem by compiling a newer version of pjproject-2.4.5 After that, the error disappeared.

Configuring Fail2Ban for Asterisk

On the test I will use Asterisk 13.1.0 and Fail2Ban 0.9.3-1 installed in Ubuntu Server 16.04.1 LTS. Install Fail2Ban as I wrote in this article – Installing and Configuring Fail2ban Open the configuration file Asterisk responsible for logging events in /var/log/asterisk/messages: Add security to messages: Restart the asterisk logging system: Add the Asterisk configuration file […]

Sending Asterisk voicemail to multiple emails

Let’s say the voice mail is configured as I described in the article – Setting up voicemail in Asterisk. There is the following context: If you want to send a voice message to several email addresses, then instead of, for example, testmail: Then open the /etc/aliases file in a text editor: And let’s specify […]

Asterisk warning “leave_voicemail: No more messages possible”

I noticed the following error on one of the servers: WARNING[21992][C-00000b27]: app_voicemail.c:6559 leave_voicemail: No more messages possible It turned out that the mailbox was full of voice messages and they ceased to exist, in response the caller was informed “The subscriber’s voice box is full”. To solve this problem there are several options: 1) Delete […]