Zabbix trigger during business hours

In this article, I will give an example of creating triggers in Zabbix that can only fire at certain times, and not always.

Once I needed to monitor working SIP phones (online / offline), for this, on the server with asterisk in the Zabbix agent configuration, I added the following parameters:,asterisk -rx "database show" | grep "Registry/201" | wc -l,asterisk -rx "database show" | grep "Registry/202" | wc -l

But since SIP phones can turn on during working hours, I made the following triggers:

last(/Asterisk and dayofweek()<7 and time()>=080000 and time()<=163000

As you can see, the trigger specifies a day of the week less than 7, that is, from 1-Monday to 6-Saturday, as well as a time that is equal to or more than 8 am and equal to or less than 16:30. Well, of course, the value of the data element is 0.

At the time of writing, I am using Zabbix version 6.0.4.

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